Get access to internet with PROXY SERVER


A program, software or a network which can help you in getting secretly connected to the webserver is known to be a proxy server. This can help you in connecting to your preferred websites but without giving away your personal information. Proxy server serves as an intermediate between you and the web address you requested. This creates a different IP (internet protocol) address which helps in safeguarding your address from all the hacks and cheats. It is an optimal approach in this modern era of technology. Proxy server is really helpful for both huge companies and a simple street shop business.

How proxy server helps your device?

Proxy server is beneficial both from a prestigious company to simple individual accessing the internet. Proxy is a good medium of creating a safeguard medium of shielding your business and pc, computer and phone from all the hacks and cheats. Multiple scammers are hacking and inserting viruses and other harmful applications in the users of their particular website. You might have address or heard about several cases your pc, computer, phone automatically downloads such application that you are not willing to download. These applications can cause harm to your device in multiple ways such as not working properly, getting your files encrypted and you might also lose your important data.

The simplest working of proxy server

Proxy server helps multiple people by safeguarding their data from all the other spammers. The proxy server performs its tasks by creating a different IP address of their own. It acts like a barrier in you and the internet. Whatever you request to see on the internet the request first goes to proxy s4erver and then it requests to that particular website on your behalf. If you are thinking why one can’t directly move to the website rather than going for proxy server but it prevents the website to know your data and personal details. It acts like a shield for you and the web address.


The basic use of getting a proxy server would be getting an anonymous identity from the internet easily. This can assist you in getting to multiple websites and without sharing a bit of information about yourself. Proxy server is helpful for multiple business agencies and others also have parental control and what your employees and children to know and track their internet access.