What are the essential features of web hosting?


For running a website, you need to have some space on the server which a company provides. Without having the hosting user cannot operate the website over the internet. You need to buy at least on Hosting for running the website. Many companies provide the hosting plan at different prices. The traffic on your website decides which hosting is suitable for your website. If you have massive traffic on your website, then you will need renting much space. In such a condition, you can go for cloud web hosting or many others.

Features of web hosting:

Domain name

A domain name is the unique address of your website. Your address means domain name helps the audience to reach on the site. It is an identification of the website; by typing your website domain name, anyone can access you on the internet. It is the same as we have the name, and people call us with the name. If someone does not have the name, it would be difficult to find him; the same condition is with the website. A domain name is the name of the website, by which anyone can reach the website.



Space is to take a hosting which we rent from a company on a server to access the internet. It is essential to choose the right space for your website. If your site has massive traffic, you should go for the cloud web hosting; it provides you the much space than another Hosting. A website of low traffic can access small space on the server. A little traffic website quickly can work on shared web hosting. So choose the space according to the strength of your audience.

Bandwidth or Data transfer

Bandwidth means how much data can transfer at a time. When you have a Hosting, there are data uploading and transferring from the website. If a user has less bandwidth, his website will process slower than one who has much bandwidth. To get the higher bandwidth is expensive, but it runs your website smoothly.

Shared IP address

A shared IP address is also called an internet protocol address, which is a numerical address. An IP address is only responsible for connecting you with the others. A computer and mobile cannot read the domain name of your website; these devices read-only IP address. Shared IP address gives you the chance to have better SEO ratings that help the site to make more visible on the internet.